PICO 4 Controllers Adjustable Knuckle Strap
Adjustable elasticity
Silicone strap
Premium material
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AMVR Controllers Adjustable Knuckle Strap for PICO 4 (Gray)

Sale price$23.99
  • Anti-Slip Design - This grip strap is designed for Pico 4 controller. It is connected by fixed fasteners and metal rivets. When you're tired of playing with your open palm and relax, it still connects steadily without worrying about the controller falling off.
  • Adjustable Tightness - This hand strap comes with a cord and a cord lock that allows you to adjust the tightness, increasing its flexibility to fit people with different hand sizes. You can share it with your family or friends and choose a comfortable tightness to enjoy VR life.
  • Premium Material - This wrist strap replacement is made of high quality silicone material. Soft and comfortable, sweat-proof and easy to clean. The single-strap design does not add extra weight to the controller, giving you a more natural gaming experience.
  • Easy Setup - This vr accessory has no complicated setup steps and only takes a few minutes to complete, meaning you can enjoy it as soon as you receive your delivery.