AMVR Golf Club Attachment for Quest 2
AMVR Golf Club Attachment for Quest 2
Adjustable Length
Premium Grip Design
Scientific Locking Design
Anytime, Anywhere, Unlimited Fun
Enhance Immersion of VR Golf Games


AMVR Golf Club Attachment for Quest 2

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Specifically designed for Quest 2 controllers, the versatile AMVR VR golf club attachment enhances your virtual reality ball game experience. Whether you're teeing off in Golf+, exploring Pro Putt, swinging in TOTALLY BASEBALL, or mastering TOPGOLF, our attachment is your perfect companion.

  • Twist Lock Perfection: Effortlessly secure your wrist strap with our twist-lock mechanism. (Proper installation required)

  • Universal Compatibility: Compatible with both left and right-hand controllers for your convenience.

  • Personalized Golf Experience: Personalized presets in Golf+ for a easy VR Golf experience.

  • Premium Sweat-Resistant Silicone Grip: Crafted with high-quality silicone, our grip handle is designed to resist sweat and stains, ensuring a lasting and comfortable hold.

Elevate your VR golf game with AMVR's Golf Club Attachment! 🏌️‍♂️⛳