Triple your Oculus Quest battery life with this amazing battery necklace

Triple your Oculus Quest battery life with this amazing battery necklace

by Nicholas Sutrich
Senior Content Producer — Smartphones & VR

(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

Modern wireless VR headsets are amazing. Not only do they provide a way to experience VR without getting tangled up in cords or having to go through endless amounts of troubleshooting, but they get the job done and can still last 2-3 hours on a single charge.

But what if you want to use your Meta Quest Pro to work in VR most of the day, or if a long gaming session on your Quest 2? You could get one of the best Quest 2 head straps — which isn't an option on the Quest Pro since you can't remove the head strap. Or maybe stick a battery pack in your pocket and run a long USB cord down your back? How about strapping the battery pack to your head? All fine enough, but those options all have at least one downside to them and many of them are just plain awkward to use.

AMVR proposes something else entirely. What if we took those LG neckband headphones that were popular a few years back and just replaced the whole design with a giant 8,000mAh battery? That's exactly what the AMVR Neck Hanging Power Bank does and why it's just so darn brilliant.

(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

"The rigid neck strap is lined with soft, slip-resistant rubber that softens the weight and keeps it from shifting during active games."

There's really no denying that the AMVR Neck Hanging Power Bank isn't the most attractive thing you'll wear on any given day. But, that's more than made up for by the fact that it's beneficial and well-designed, despite outward appearances.

Both ends of the Neck Hanging Power Bank contain individual 4,000mAh batteries — each of which is larger than the battery inside the Quest 2 or Quest Pro — and are connected via a rigid strap that hangs around the back of the neck. This cord sports a bendable metal core that holds its shape no matter how you bend it, making it comfortable to wear for just about anyone.

That neckband is surrounded by a soft rubber material which helps keep it from slipping as you move around in VR. The whole necklace itself is quite heavy thanks to the giant batteries on board which, combined with the soft and slip-resistant rubber coating, keep it from shifting around while playing active games like Pistol Whip or Beat Saber.

Even though the necklace dangles a bit while leaning over, there's little chance it'll hit you in the face or fly back down and hit you in the chest if you move too quickly. It's weighty enough to keep from moving too much but, surprisingly, that soft rubber coating on the neck cord keeps it feeling comfortable. Curving the cord at an angle (see the product render above) will also help better balance the weight so that it doesn't tug on the back of your neck but, rather, rests firmly on your shoulders, instead.

(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

"This is by far the best battery pack for the Quest Pro that I've yet seen, giving me 6+ hours of headset usage on a single charge."

Both ends snap together via a magnetic clasp on the bottom, once again helping stabilize the whole structure during active use. The device has one USB Type-C power onboard that's used for charging and delivering a charge to your Quest headset. Four LED lights on the outside indicate a rough estimate of the remaining charge. A single power button does exactly what you would expect it to do.

Charging the pack takes a few hours, but it's not likely that this matters all that much given the way the necklace is used. It also doesn't get hot during normal headset usage, so there's no worry about burning your chest while playing.

AMVR sells its latest VR accessory for $37.99 on Amazon, and there's an additional $5 off coupon at the site as of this writing. That means you can keep wearing your favorite VR head strap — or, again, just the one that ships with the Quest Pro — and still get epic battery life like never before.

I've been using the AMVR Neck Hanging Power Bank for a few days now and have been incredibly impressed with its performance and design. While it's not flashy and tends to dangle a bit when leaning forward, it never gets in my way and the short USB cable that comes with the power bank is just long enough to reach the headset's USB port.

It's also the only way I've found that'll let me work an entire workday in VR without having to charge the headset periodically (or plug it into my PC). Getting 6+ hours of battery life out of a Quest Pro is nothing short of impressive, especially when it doesn't require me to be tethered to a PC or some other longer cable.

In short, this is by far the best battery pack for the Quest Pro that I've yet seen, and it's also incredibly handy for Quest 2 players looking to extend their battery life without strapping a battery to their heads.