Upgraded Link Cable 16FT
Ensure Stable and Fast Data TransferWhile Charging
Intelligent Link Cable
Safe Charging
Compatible with Original Oculus Charging Cable
Separate Charging Port
Charging While Playing All Day


AMVR Upgraded Link Cable 16FT with Separate Charging Port

Style:For Quest 2
  • Keep your headset charged while playing: The AMVR upgraded 16-foot cable comes with an independent charging port, providing a more powerful output to keep your Oculus Quest 2 headset adequately charged during use. Compared to traditional Oculus cables (including the official version), which only support limited output when connected to the PC's USB port for gaming, the battery would drain while playing PC games.
  • Stable and fast data transmission: The USB 3.0 port and charging port are used separately for data transfer and current input, enabling the AMVR cable to achieve a transmission rate of 5Gbps while charging and gaming. With stable and fast data transmission and continuous reliable current, it delivers a smooth VR gaming experience.
  • Intelligent cable: The upgraded cable adapter incorporates a dedicated intelligent chip, which smartly controls the current input within a reasonable range, ensuring electrical safety and battery lifespan. The intelligent chip balances the current, maintaining the battery level at around 78% when playing PCVR games.
  • Compatible with the original Oculus charging cable: The AMVR cable can be connected to the original Oculus Quest 2 charging cable through a separate charging port. The L-shaped design ensures a more secure connection to the VR headset. The USB-C port is reinforced to prevent breakage or looseness. The head strap secures your VR headset to prevent disconnection during gameplay. (Note: The original charging cable and power adapter are not included.)
  • Safe charging: With safety in mind, the upgraded AMVR cable for Oculus Quest 2 does not support fast charging while playing, but it does allow for continuous charging during use. The AMVR cable is an excellent accessory for your Oculus Quest 2.

Link Cable Balances The Current at 78%

The smart chip balances the current and makes the battery always at 78%

USB 3.0 Port

Stable and fast data transmission working

L Shaped Design

L shaped design can connect with the VR Headset more firmly.

Head Strap Ties

Head strap ties fix your VR headset to prevent disconnection while playing.

16 FT Link Cable

Move freely without restriction when playing games