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AMVR Silicone Controller Grips Cover for Quest 3

Prix de vente$28.99
  • Controller Protection Simplified: Shield from falls and bumps, keeping your touch controller safe and sound

  • Comfortable Grip, Easy Access: Ergonomic design for comfy play and effortless button access.

  • Adaptable for Everyone: Velcro straps offer easy adjustments, suitable for all ages.

  • Grip Texturing for Intense Play: Enhanced friction for a secure hold during intense gaming sessions.

  • Battery Replacement Made Easy: Simple door cover design for hassle-free battery swaps.

  • Uninterrupted Sensor Functionality: No interference with sensor signals, ensuring smooth gaming.



It is not compatible with the official charging dock.

It might not be suitable for individuals with larger hands, but don't worry, if it doesn't fit, you can always reach out to our customer service team for assistance.

The common features of both are the convenient battery replacement and adjustability. However, the black one is a full wrap made of silicone material, while the white one only includes the battery cover and has a leather strap. They offer different grip sensations.

Protect Your Quest 3 Controllers with AMVR Silicone Controller Grips Cover

The AMVR Silicone Controller Grips Cover is a must-have accessory for Quest 3 owners. These covers not only provide protection to your controllers but also improve your grip and provide a more comfortable gaming experience.

Made with high-quality silicone material, these covers are soft, durable and easy to install. They also don't interfere with your controller's buttons or sensors, ensuring that you have full control over your games.

The flip cover design on the lid includes a battery compartment, allowing you to replace the controller's batteries without removing the cover. They also come in a stylish black color that matches the Quest 3's design.

In addition to protecting your controllers from scratches and scuffs, the covers also protect them from sweat and dirt. This is especially useful if you like to play intense games or if you share your headset with others.

Overall, the AMVR Silicone Controller Grips Cover is a great investment for Quest 3 owners. It not only protects your controllers but also enhances your gaming experience. Get your Basic Gear now!