AMVR Adjustable Knuckle Strap for Quest 3 (Pre-order)


AMVR Adjustable Knuckle Strap for Quest 3 (Pre-order)

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📌Pre-order: Will arrange delivery on October 4th.

Elevate your Quest 3 controller experience with AMVR Knuckle Strap that seamlessly integrates durability, comfort, practicality, and style, enhancing your gaming immersion.

  • Relax Your Hands with Ease: No need to constantly grip the controllers – take a break for your hands, especially during moments like throwing grenades.

  • Streamlined and Sleek: AMVR knuckle strap adds no unnecessary weight or bulk, seamlessly complementing the ergonomic design of the Quest 3 controller.

  • Unmatched Comfort: Enjoy superior comfort with our textured silicone design that enhances palm breathability for a truly enjoyable wear.

  • Effortless Battery Replacement: Say goodbye to hassle! The knuckle strap makes battery replacement a breeze.

  • Universal Fit: Whether you have petite or large hands, our strap is designed to fit both the adult and the child.

  • Product Tested for Durability: Upgraded leather strap and joints are stable and reliable. Rigorously tested to ensure it won't easily detach or break.

  • Uninterrupted Signals: 100% signal without obstruction