AMVR are back with Oculus Quest 3 accessories…. Must haves!!

AMVR are back with Oculus Quest 3 accessories…. Must haves!!

Luet nyt AMVR are back with Oculus Quest 3 accessories…. Must haves!! 1 minuutti Seuraava Pico 4 Accessory: AMVR 3–In-1 Headstrap Review

Fast forward to October 2023 and the Quest 3 has finally been released, offering far more features and a better design than the Quest 2. However the Quest 3 is far more expensive than the Quest 2 was, and I’m sure everyone who has purchased it, are thinking about how best they can protect their expensive purchase.

Well look no further, as AMVR are yet again releasing a load of different accessories for the Quest 3, which I will be testing over the coming weeks/months.

To start us off, AMVR kindly sent me two different versions of their Anti-throw straps, which both also offering better grip of your Quest 3 controllers.

The first one I’ll look at is the strap grip with a full silicone cover. Designed for full protection with an ergonomic design that perfectly alines with the curves of each controller. The controllers fit perfectly in your hand and I found them a lot more comfortable to grip the controllers with, than without them.

All buttons are perfectly accessible, and I can’t stress how much better my grip became when using them. Each grip comes with a really good quality Velcro strap which are easily adjustment and will prevent you from throwing the controller, during intense gaming and workouts… anyone into the boxing games, will benefit greatly.

Whats even better is the built-in battery door within the cover making it so easy to remove and replace your batteries, without have to remove the silicone case. This is a fantastic addition, which I don’t think i’ve seen before on other products.

Whilst you have the cover in place, it does not obstruct the infrared lights, which are needed for the tracking. There is nothing worse than having protective grips fitted to your controllers, only for them to be obstructing the lights, and therefore you loose your tracking.

In my testing and opinion this accessory is a must buy, and the quality compared to the price $28.99, makes them a no brainer purchase.

The second product I tested was a grip-strap which doesn’t come with any additional silicone protection, but is still great if you want to maintain the original feeling of the Quest 3 controller.

The anti-throw grip strap, simply replaces the original battery cover of each Quest 3 controller, but have a high quality strap attached to it., which is adjustable to accommodate for different sized hands.

The AMVR knuckle strap is very lightweight and adds no additional weight or bulk to the controllers. They come with a textured surface, giving much better grip, which I found great when playing the likes of Beat Saber.

The high quality strap, fitted very comfortably around my hand and at no time did I feel that the strap wasn’t secure enough. It really does make a world of difference, compared to just using the original straps that come with the Quest 3 controllers.

Priced at $27.99 the knuckle straps are again great value for money, and I’d recommend them as a replacement for the original cheap straps that come with the controllers.

Personally I preferred the the full silicone protection with strap, as I like how it felt when holding the controllers. But whichever you choose, you are guaranteed a great quality product.

Disclaimer: whilst I did receive the products for free from AMVR for testing, all opinions in this article are my own and have not been influenced by the supplier. I do not make any monetary gain from any links within this article.

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