VR Magnectic Prescription Lenses for Quest 3

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Elevate your Meta Quest 3 experience with our custom prescription lenses. These premium offerings deliver unparalleled clarity and comfort, freeing you from bulky glasses and safeguarding your Quest 3 lenses from glasses frame damage, ensuring a deeply immersive, razor-sharp VR gaming experience.

  • 1.67& 1.60 High Refractive Index Lenses - Ensuring an ultra-thin, lightweight lens-wearing experience.
  • Precision Optics - Guaranteeing crystal-clear visual effects for seamless VR immersion.
  • Combat Eye Fatigue - Built-in blue light and anti-reflective features minimize eye strain, ensuring extended gaming sessions remain fatigue-free.
  • Secure and Easy to Install - Injection-molded lens frames and reinforced magnetic attachments ensure stability and ease of installation.
  • Complete Lens Protection - Each set includes a hard case, cleaning cloth, and lens cover, safeguarding your lenses from scratches and dirt.


Prescription Lens

If you need non-prescription (plano) lenses, simply select 0.00 for the lens power.

Both of these lenses are high-index lenses, making them thinner and lighter compared to regular lenses (like those with a 1.50 index). They provide better visual clarity and comfort.

If your SPH (spherical) prescription is 600 or below, we typically use 1.60 index lenses. For prescriptions over 600, we use 1.67 index lenses.

However, if you have a personal preference, feel free to contact our customer service center.

Please use the cleaning cloth or specialized lens cleaner to clean your prescription lenses.

Shipping & Return

Production Lead Time: 3-7 working days

Delivery Time: Varies based on your location.

For estimated delivery times, please refer to our shipping policy: Shipping Policy

As this is a personalized product, returns will only be accepted in cases where the prescription lenses do not match the order specifications or if there are quality concerns. We kindly ask that you carefully select your prescription before completing your order.